AFGE 1504 Officers and Staff

If you have any Labor Union questions please contact:

Union Shield President- AFGE 1504
Matthew W. Hines
Ph: (253) 966-8091
Union Shield Vice President- AFGE 1504
Dan Fernandez
Ph: (253) 966-7288
Union Shield AFGE 1504 Treasurer
Lori Hines
Ph: (253) 967-9641
Deborah Robson AFGE 1504 Secretary
Deborah Robson
Ph: (253) 982-7725
Union Shield Shop Steward- AFSBn-JBLM
Michael A. Ballmes
Ph: (253) 982-3795
Union Shield Shop Steward-DPFR
Hector Keough
Ph: (253) 318-4587
Union Shield Shop Steward- AFSBn-JBLM
Carl D. Mckisick
Ph: (253) 431-5886
Union Shield Shop Steward- NEC
Somsak (Zak) Phol
Ph: (253) 967-1567
Union Shield Shop Steward- AFSBn-JBLM
Mario Padilla
Ph: (253) 732-1755
Union Shield Shop Steward-DES
Kevin Mohon
Ph: (617) 356-3177
Frank Schatzer Website Design & Operations
Frank Schatzer
Ph: (360) 491-4664


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Monday, July 6th, 2020.

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Every Third Thursday of the month 1730-1830 at: Bldg 3476-2nd Division, Lewis Main Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington 98433

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